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HPF Bob 01-13-2020 03:15 PM

Crane Fires Luhnow, Hinch after suspensions
Well, the Texans should send a thank you card to the Astros for wiping their disaster of a playoff loss off the front page.

MLB decided on a one-year suspension of GM Jeff Luhnow and Mgr A.J. Hinch over the sign-stealing scandal and Owner Jim Crane reacted by immediately firing both of them.

You can read the entire PDF report here:

Keith 01-14-2020 01:32 AM

It sucks. Flags fly forever though.

The butthurt coming out of Yankee and Dodger nation makes it worthwhile. Those fellas are sore, probably won't get much easier on them once similar punishments are handed out to the Red Sox and Cora. Mets and Carlos Beltran (as did the new front office in Baltimore) seem likely to dodge Manfred's wrath.

Will be interesting to see who Crane hires and what direction the new leadership takes with the Astros roster over the next two seasons or so as lots of decisions are to be made.

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