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nero THE zero
01-15-2010, 09:30 AM
I am in a dynsaty league that is starting up this offseason. The hope is/was to draft in February, but, as of now, the league has not filled out. I will post the information below, and if anyone is interested, contact me either here or through PM's and I will get you onto the list for the league.

Seeking quality owners for a February startup draft. This league will have some unique features to help ensure exciting competition.

- No kickers or defenses. Pretty self-explanatory.
- All football players are eligible to be drafted. One of the fun wrinkles. During the inaugural draft and the subsequent prospect drafts, you will be able to draft any player in the world. NFL. NCAA. High school. Whatever. Players who haven't been drafted into the NFL yet will be classified as "prospects." There will be no limit to the amount of prospects you can draft and keep on your roster, but once a prospect is dropped he cannot be acquired by another team until the next prospect draft. Prospects cannot be added off waivers. They can only be drafted.

The league rules will be:

14 teams
$200 entry fee (= $2800 prize pool)

$1000 1st
$600 2nd
$450 3rd
$300 4th
$250 5th
$200 6th

6 teams make the playoffs (2 division winners + 4 wild cards)
division winners get a first round playoff bye
division winners determined by W-L record
wild cards determined by total points (weeks 1-12)

weeks 1-12 = regular season
week 13 = playoffs round one
week 14 = playoffs round two
weeks 15-16 = championship games

20 man rosters (subject to change)

1 QB
1 RB
1 WR
1 TE

No PK or DEF

.5 PPR for RB
1 PPR for WR
1.5 PPR for TE

4 points per passing TD
6 points per rushing/receiving TD
.1 points per rushing/receiving yard
.05 points per passing yard
-2 points per passing INT

The prospect draft will be four rounds. Teams that trade away draft picks for future seasons must pay their dues for those seasons.

The rest of the league rules will be determined at a later date in time.

PM and/or reply in this thread if interested. SERIOUS PLAYERS ONLY. I want this league to last.