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01-28-2018, 09:12 PM
Yeah... not sure what happened... the server thought the default was back to an index.php page from 2008 instead of the actual tried-and-true index.html that usually appears.

We're back to 2018 now.

Related note: ItB.com turns ten years old in April. Archives of old front page articles are linked here: http://www.inthebullseye.com/archive/

01-29-2018, 11:33 AM
Keith, thanks for the temporary flashback to 2008 (whatever the bug was). I was just thinking of how happier I was then and in better health before the first cracks in the depression started. Six employers later and I'll have to start on a seventh soon because the federal contract I'm under will expire in March and not renew. So I'm back in the job market yet again.

Quinn Gray? Wonder what happened to him?